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Sat 28 October, 2023 : Cape St. Francis : South Africa


The inaugural International Adventure Racing Conference

will be held on 28 October 2023, at the conclusion of the 2023 AR Word Championships event in Cape St Francis, South Africa.


The intent is to provide a unique opportunity for all Adventure Racing Stakeholders, present and virtual, to participate in vibrant and engaging discussions on topics most important to the future of the sport.

This provides a valuable platform for networking and collaboration,  given that over 100 teams, representing 35 nations, will be present at the World Championships.

See you there!

28 October, 2023
08:00 - 13:00 (SAST)

We will be broadcasting this conference through the ARWS YouTube Channel.


To access this channel:

1. Open your web browser

2. Google search for YouTube

3. In the search bar of YouTube, type "Adventure Racing World Series”

4. We will go live at 08:00 on Sat 28 October 

Alternatively, use this link:

If you would like to send questions through to any of the speakers, please use the comment section. We will feed these questions to the speakers, if time allows. If not, the questions will be answered by the speakers, post conference. 

The conference will be recorded and made available for on-demand viewing.

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Goal & Vision of the International
Adventure Racing Conference

The main goal of the International Adventure Racing Conference is to bring together all parties within the Adventure Racing ecosystem who have an interest in the sport, including, but not limited to, race organisers, athletes, technical staff, support staff, volunteers and enthusiasts.


The conference aims to facilitate open discussions on the most important topics impacting the future of the sport of Adventure Racing. Decisions made around rule technicalities, event organising policies, series formats and youth competition will chart the best possible course for the sport, benefitting all who have a stake in its future.


The objective is to emerge from sessions with practical and implementable actions that have the buy-in of all stakeholders, and to create best practices, with inputs from across the globe, to uplift the standard and prominence of the sport globally. 

Conference Agenda

Speaker: Heidi Muller

Welcome to our in-person and virtual attendees. In this session we will explore the goals and vision for this conference.

What it takes to be at the top for over 10 years
Speaker: Nathan Fa'avae

Tried and true strategies and team dynamics that work. Life lessons from a pro adventure racer with relevance for your everyday life, sport and business goals.

The Ultimate Proof of Human Capacity - Endurance Racing from a Scientific Perspective
Panel Members: 
- Thomas Ogander
- Marcus Moberg
- Elizabeth Dornom
- Glenn Wilkinson

What is the ultimate proof of human capacity?


This question is discussed by the founder of the One Water Race, Thomas Ogander, and Marcus Moberg, Associate Professor at GIH, the Swedish School of Sport and Health Sciences. They will be joined by Elizabeth Dornom and Glenn Wilkinson, from Team 2 Australian – One Water Race Winner 2023.


GIH brings science into endurance racing to find out how far we can push ourselves under maximum physical and mental stress and sleep deprivation in extreme conditions. How our body and brain are affected both physically and psychologically. The platform for our research is the One Water Race, which was created to explore the limits of our human capabilities. 250 km of running, swimming, orienteering, 24/7 and non-stop across 30,000 islands in the world's largest archipelago, Stockholm, Sweden.

AR Rules Panel Discussion
Moderator: Johan Badenhorst
Panel Members: 
- Adrian Crane 
- Igor Dorotic 
- Mark Goulding

The panel will be discussing the following:

- What is the overall intent of the rules and how should the Refs be applying them

- What happens when a race course has to be changed mid race

- Making the refereeing consistent

- What rules are causing some issues and being looked at for review or changes

and why 

What Adventure Racing has given me
Speaker: Mikael Lindnord

Join us for an exhilarating session that delves into the incredible world of Adventure Racing and the profound impact it has had on one dedicated racer. Over the course of 19 years, our speaker, Mikael Lindnord, a seasoned adventure racer, achieved remarkable milestones, culminating in an impressive 6th place ranking in the last two years of his career. Mikael Lindnord journey is an inspiration to us all.


Mikael will then unpack the powerful story of Dog Arthur and this life-changing experiences. We'll also treat you to a sneak peek into the making of the movie "Arthur the King." This epic film is based on Arthur's remarkable journey, and we'll be sharing behind-the-scenes photos. Get ready to see how Arthur's adventures have transcended into the world of cinema, leaving a lasting impact on audiences worldwide.

As we wrap up this session, we'll leave you with some creative ideas on how to celebrate the intersection of Adventure Racing and Cinema. Join us for an unforgettable experience that will leave you inspired and ready to embark on your own epic journey.

Striving for Excellence
Speaker: Heidi Muller

In this session we will discuss how to uplift the standard of Adventure Racing and how this will benefit the AR community as a whole. 

Youth Development from around the World
Moderator: Johan Badenhorst
Panel Members:
- Alen Pujol (South America)
- Andrew Magness (New Zealand)
- Margaret Mitchell (South Africa)
- Helene Mattison (USA -

- Ajita Madan (India)

A panel discussion on how different countries are growing the future of Adventure Racing.

Advancements in Mapping
Speaker: Lars Bukkehave

In this session we will explore the advancements that are being made in mapping.

Training for an Expedition Race
Speaker: Camila Nicolau & Guilherme Pahl

During this session, we will dive into the training and preparation required to compete in an expedition length race.

The formation of the new International Adventure Racing Association (IARA)
Speaker: Lisa de Speville

Lisa de Speville has been part of the AR Countries Working Group, which formed earlier this year to survey adventure racing countries. The majority vote was for the formation of an independent International Adventure Racing Association (IARA). Now a few months later, a draft constitution has been signed by countries with established adventure racing organisations, and also by representatives from numerous ‘Observer’ countries, those without structured organisations. Lisa, on behalf of the Working Group, will speak about the formation of the Association, its vision and mission, the role that the Association will take in our sport, and the next steps in this process.

Closing Keynote Speaker
Speaker: Brian Gatens

This session will summarise and highlight the key discussion points examined throughout this conference.

Athletes Forum

An open session to allow questions and discussions between, and for, Adventure Racing Athletes.


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Luna Events & Travel have been selected as the official conference organiser for the International AR Conference.

Luna Events & Travel is a leading event management company, based in Johannesburg, known for its expertise in organising global conferences, meetings, and corporate events. With a personal passion for Adventure Racing and a commitment to excellence, Luna Events & Travel is proud to be involved with this inaugural AR conference. 

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